Monday, February 25, 2008

Dreams in the Making

Today I had several things to do for Qavah so I took her with me and left Kathryn home to work on her thesis. I prayed for her success several times today. I feel like my prayers are very important now since she has battled so hard for this dream to become a reality. I don't want to let anything stand in her way. We are praying her through the obstacles. When we met up with each other in the late afternoon she said with a grin, "I finished seven pages today!" That made my heart soar! I was so happy for her.

At the beginning of this semester she had such a strong feeling that this would be her year to see her dreams come true, that she started asking for a particular graduation gift. She asked for a harp. Paul and I wanted to give her that dream but didn't know how we would manage it. Mom and Dad spoke with us a few weeks ago about her dream and their ability to make it come true and asked if they could make her a harp for graduation. She has wanted one ever since Whitney played for her at the hospital. Mom and Dad came this weekend to attend a harp concert and told her they were making one for her. They even had pictures of it. With a beautiful harp handmade by her Grandparents waiting at the finish line, I'm sure her motivation to finish is there. I laughingly told her to remember that there is an important diploma at the end of the rainbow and not just the harp.

Mom and Dad have encouraged all their children in music and paid for all five of them to receive music lessons on various instruments. The lessons were like a seed planted in fertile soil. Now when their children and grandchildren get together the instruments come out, toes start tapping, and the joy of music fills the house. What a wonderful gift they gave their children. Their children grew up to bless their own children with music lessons. We have memories of standing around the piano at their house with our hymn books on Thanksgiving and everyone could either sing or play an instrument. I hope those are times our children will remember with a smile, and they will carry on the tradition of giving their children the gift of music. We appreciate Mom and Dad for making music a part of our lives, but even more than that we appreciate the faith they have in the finished work of Jesus, and one day we will share the music of heaven together.