Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We have lights, heat, and music, all being brought to us by American Electric Power. Wow, did we ever miss our electricity. I tried to flip on lights more than a dozen times while the power was out. And nothing happened! It was a blessing to be at Colin and Jenn's, and made the inconvenience of no electricity seem more like an adventure.

Kathryn started struggling with her Remicade lull during dinner last night. Her condition rapidly changed and she suffered most of the night. Her Remicade treatment has been moved up a day, so she is fasting until tomorrow afternoon and is coping knowing relief is on the way. Qavah also had a hard day. She slept a lot and was feverish. Her surgery has been moved up a day also. It is tomorrow morning at 7:30. I was happy for her to have an early-in-the-day appointment because she doesn't usually wake up hungry in the morning. By the time she can eat again, she'll be asking for French fries. Paul and I have reached a decision after a lot of prayer. We are not going to have Qavah's bone marrow biopsy tomorrow along with the port removal. We are anticipating that having the port out is going to improve her condition. If that doesn't prove to be true, then we will have the biopsy done.

I am grateful to feel so peaceful tonight. We've worked through so many unknowns and have come to a place of trust where the girls are concerned. We are committed to caring for them, and making them comfortable to the best of our ability and it gives us joy to do it. While Paul and I were boiling pans of water on the camp stove Monday morning to help the girls get ready to go to Colin and Jenn's, I had this thought, "we may have lost our electricity but we haven't lost our power." Thanks be to God Who empowers us to care for others.


  1. So glad you're back at home prior to major events for both girls .... He always provides, doesn't He?
    We'll pray for wisdom and guidance for the surgeon tomorrow, freedom from infection for Qavah, minimal pain/discomfort, and continued peace for each of you in your decisions.
    Ib and Patricia

  2. I knew something was up when at 6:30 this morning, as I was preparing to go to school, I saw that Kathryn had only been idle for about an hour! :( Oh no! I knew that meant trouble... praying for you and your family. Hope all goes well tomorrow for everyone! Praise God for being able to move up both the port removal AND Remicade. He is so faithful... and praise Him for His power and for electricity :P love them both. haha. Prayers for a good night... Love, Aleah

  3. It's 7:37 and I'm checking in. I have just prayed for both girls - the Lord is so faithful in taking care of them and I prayed that he would continue to display that today as they both have their procedures. Please let us know how Qavah is doing!


  4. We anxiously await news of Qavah's surgery! We're praying!!