Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday NIght

I'm anxious to hear about the Valentine get-together our church had tonight. I know there were probably a lot of laughs. We stayed home and enjoyed popcorn and a movie. Kathryn had a rough day and attributes that to the two days before Remicade when things were so bad. She just has to get over the drain from that so she slept most of the day. Other Remicade users have told of extreme tiredness right after a treatment but Kathryn was hoping she would not have the same reaction. She is doing better tonight.

Qavah and Annelise have ruled the house and had us laughing so hard we couldn't get our breath. They play so well together. Qavah had the idea to take some of her plastic bowls and use them for hats. Annelise thought that was a great idea too. Only the bowl she chose to put on her head was so big it came down over her entire head. It looked like the bowl had sprouted legs. We tried to convince her to use a different size bowl but she wanted the biggest. So she spent most of the evening following Qavah around with her "hat" over her head. She walked into walls, doors, and people. The more she crashed into things the more we laughed. The more we laughed the harder she tried to keep us laughing. It reminded me of the slap-stick comedy of Laurel and Hardy. Kids have a very high entertainment value. I recommend being entertained by them often, even if you have to "borrow" some.

Congratulations to our friends Jack and Linda and Jim and Lynda, who received new grandbabies this week. The joy continues. We've seen the pictures and we rejoice with you!

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  1. Hi, Dawn! Don't you love the fact that children can entertain themselves (and us) with the most basic of things! We buy all these toys, and what do they play with -- cardboard boxes and plasic kitchenware! There's definately a lesson in there somewhere for us parents!

    The Valentines dance was a great success! David and I are not exactly light on our feet, but we had a great time! Steve and Colleen were the big hit of the evening. Just watching them demonstrate various steps -- from swing, to shag, to waltzes and even the salsa, was charming. Steve came dressed to the nines looking very 1940 with his suspenders and fedora. Colleen looked radiant as always in a pretty dress perfect for capturing those turns and even flips! Adam did a great job as the "caller" and disc jockey. He came in costume to add some fun -- as... Zorro! When I asked him why Zorro for Valentines Day, he said, "Well, I didn't think dressing as Cupid would go over as well." :-D Big thanks go to Zach and Sophie for doing a great job of organizing and decorating, to Randy Long for providing the wonderful cheesecakes, and to everyone who helped with babysitting at the church house!

    We learned the Virginia Reel, we "stripped the willow," and then learned some beach shagging moves! What fun! We were all huffing and puffing after the first reel, hit the cheesecake to "revive" ourselves, and then danced some more! It was a wonderful evening, and I wish you could have been there. We will definately have to do it again soon!

    In His grip,