Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hallelujah Day

Kathryn and I were up most of Wednesday night. Her Remicade was badly needed. She spent most of the night with pancreas troubles and dry heaves. I fell asleep at four and got up with Qavah at six. Paul got Qavah ready for the surgery clinic and I worked on Kathryn's morning meds. She was able to get to sleep again so I left for the surgery, Paul left for work, and Paul Burton had the day off to stay with Kathryn until her Remicade treatment.

Qavah was so very brave for her surgery. She held out her arm for an IV and took it without complaint which sent all the nurses into accolades of praise. She beamed. We told her that since her port was coming out she would have to get used to IV's and be a big girl about it. She was put to sleep, had the surgery, woke up happy, had a snack, and we were on our way home before noon. She bounced back so fast we were all astounded. Qavah said, "Mama I'm so happy," about twenty times today. We have to watch for signs of infection now because her white cell count is still low, but Paul Burton is here to help us with that.

After we got home and had lunch it was time to take Kathryn across town to her appointment. That went very well. Halfway through the Remicade treatment Kathryn asked for snacks and drinks which the nursing staff provided today. There were pretty Valentine cupcakes and other fancy things to eat. Kathryn, who hadn't eaten since Tuesday joyfully ate all she could which threw off her blood sugar levels and by the time we got home she passed out several times. We loaded her up with protein and a warning. Next time she has a treatment she is to take her own balanced snacks!

Qavah is sleeping now. Kathryn is ready for bed and feeling so much better. Paul and I are about to exchange Valentines and get some rest. It was a wonderful day. God was kind to us in every way, and your prayers were answered in abundance. There was peace and joy surrounding this day and it was Valentine's Day, too. The cards Paul bought for the girls were very sweet. Kathryn memorized the poem inside her card and Qavah has been carrying hers around all afternoon. By their actions I see they know they are loved, and they are thankful for that. We have so many reasons to be happy tonight and we are.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to each of you. PTL for all that went well today (except for the sugar overload for Kathryn!) Each of you get some well-deserved rest in your own beds!
    Ib and Patricia

  2. What a full and beautiful day of love!! God is so faithful. Thank you for being faithful in sharing His mercies to you with us :) It really does strengthen my faith! Happy Valentine's Day! <3, Aleah

  3. Praise Him! We are rejoicing that both procedures went well and that the girls are home and feeling better! I can just picture Qavah's HUGE smile throughout the entire process, and the heartfelt love and joy in receiving her very first Valentine from her forever Daddy!!!! We should all be reminded to likewise smile and give praise for having received the greatest sign of love from OUR forever Father!