Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Little Reality Reading

We woke up this morning after a full eight hours of sleep to bright sunshine. I have a sense that today is going to be a productive day. My "to do" list is ready and I am taking Qavah over to Jenn's for several hours. She is looking forward to playing with Annelise and I am looking forward to coming home to scrub floors. I have those little gray floating fluff balls everywhere and I'm hoping to find them all today and get rid of them.

I read a book yesterday about a couple in China building and expanding foster care homes to care for hard to place Chinese orphans. After reading of their heroic efforts to save one of the orphans who had been found in a field badly burned, I had my energy restored. When all of their efforts failed it was apparent that the Lord went before them, changed the scene, and battled for the health and safety of the little boy named Levi. The government of China, the Shriner's Hospital, and American Airlines, were compelled by the story of the abandoned baby, and all moved in record time to save him. Reading the account lifted my own flagging spirits.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We need that encouragement. In some ways dealing with HPS has gotten harder for Kathryn. I think the realization that the journey is just beginning is a hard reality. I whisper, "God have mercy on her," often. I know you do too. It helps me to read the accounts of miracles wrought in the lives of others. Levi's story has helped me get back up to continue the good fight because I was reminded that I am not alone.

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  1. I've said many times that it's the chronicity of chronic illness that is the big challenge, not the symptoms or any of the other details. I've been dealing with significant health issues for all of my adult life (I'm now 34), and there are still days that are almost impossibly hard and when I just want a day off or a week off because I grow weary of the same struggles and fatigue. And I often think that's the hardest thing to explain to people who haven't been there themselves.

  2. We have been praying for mercy for Kathryn as well as for you, Dawn. We continually pray that you will go "from strength to strength". The lullaby in yesterday's post reminded me of the scripture passage we're memorizing for Bible Study this session. Psalm 18:28-36 starts like this "You,O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light." It's really a beautiful passage and one of our girls has set it to music. I'll sing it to you next time I see you. We love you!

  3. Kathryn -
    Your mom's comments about the guilt that a person with cronic illness feels made me think...this past weekend, Noah had a 24 hr stomach bug - it pales in comparison to ANYTHING you have delt with/suffered through - but I was so thankful that I was the one who was able to care for him, clean him up, give him hugs and love...It was a privildge that God has allowed me for this stage of my little guys life and while it's not 'pretty' - I cherish him so much and the care when he is sick is just part of the joy of being his mom. I know your mom feels the same way - you are so precious to her and your dad. Please take those guilt feelings captive and throw them out the window!!

    We love you!

  4. Dear Ones, this is the first time I have been able to get online to read the Journal since I left home on the 14th Feb. There was so much to catch up and I have been so moved by all you've been through, hard and good. I was particularly anxious to know about Qavah's surgery, and am so glad that is done and she is feeling so much better. Of course I keep praying for you, Kathryn, and now I pray that you will have such an outpouring of the JOY OF THE LORD in your heart, that it will give you a great big new supply of courage to face the difficult days ahead, so that you can truly say, "The joy of the Lord is my strength." I pray for you, Dawn, and dear Paul, as well, may His JOY be your strength. I will be h ome in a few more days, and will be able to keep up again. And, thank God that He led musical Paul Burton to become a nurse! What ablessing that is ! Thank you Paul Burton, for being such a wonderful big brother. May His love encircle you today and tonight.

    We are at our daughter Aimee's on the outskirts of Las Vegas, where her husband teaches Junior High, having some time with grandsons we seldom see. God bless, so much love, Aunt Lil

  5. Dido to Sandy's comment. And I can very much understand some of those guilt feelings. We've talked about that before, and while I know I shouldn't feel that way, it's hard not to. I can very much understand the idea of being at the beginning of the HPS journey and how frustrating it is on those hard days to realize it's a life long journey. Hang in there!