Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Afternoon

Hello everyone! I am updating from Colin's and Jenn's home. We have no power, no water, and no phone service. The high winds in our area caused power outages all over the Roanoke Valley. As the power lines fell, the conditions were just right for brush fires. Several of them started Sunday afternoon and the winds quickly spread them. The Valley is now very smoky and hazy. We found out last night that our two kerosene heaters could not keep the house warm enough, so we are making other plans for tonight.

Yesterday, our family celebrated Qavah's baptism at church. The Lord blessed our day with good health, so everyone in our family attended the service. Even Granma and Granddaddy Campbell were able to visit for the day. Aunt Julie also surprised us by visiting our church, too. The entire service, including the Baptism, were filled with joyous and meaningful moments. Colin and Paul Burton sang a Fernando Ortega song related to adoption titled, "If You Were Mine," which I was able to sign for the congregation.

Due to the power outages, I will not be able to post pictures of the Baptism until our electricity returns. The power company said that might happen on Wednesday, but we are praying we'll get power back sooner than that. It has made for some fun adventures, as we are showing Qavah how to live "daily life" without power!

I am staying at Jenn's home today, so I can get some writing accomplished on my Senior paper. Mom is taking care of details at home and trying to get Qavah's port-removal surgery re-scheduled. We have a surgery time scheduled for this Friday, but we know it needs to come out as soon as possible. While Qavah has a joyous spirit, we know she is not feeling well. She cried for awhile during the night due to bone pain. We'll keep you posted, and in the meantime, we appreciate the prayers.

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  1. I am keeping you all in my prayers! It must be hard to see a little one like Qavah suffer so. It's hard enough to see you suffer so much, too, Kathryn! May God bless and give you both rest and comfort!
    Aunt Doris