Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Night

I have been praying for a particular family with a young son who has not been able to eat. The next step in keeping him alive was a feeding tube through the nose; not an easy procedure. The situation was serious and he was losing a lot of weight. I was able to get connected to that family through email and just received news tonight that their son is doing well. His situation has turned around and he is eating normally! I haven't looked at any of the Super Bowl scores yet and the game is probably over by now. But I have to tell you that the news that a young boy named Richie is eating and digesting food made this a Super Bowl Sunday for me to remember! One thing about prayer that always makes me feel like cheering, jumping, and shouting, is that it is God Who receives our gratitude. Imagine how that thrills His heart! And while I'm cheering Him I want to thank Him for the rest we enjoyed this Sabbath Day. The girls are both struggling with their health issues, but that is all in God's hands. A day of rest is just what we all needed.

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