Thursday, February 07, 2008


Qavah's transfusion was a little rough yesterday. Her veins were hard to find so it took three attempts to get the IV started. She was patient but cried softly until her IV was in. She was able to get her transfusion in the new wing of the hospital for pediatric oncology/hematology which opened on Monday. There is a miniature room outfitted with a kitchen set, table and chairs, and bright colored walls. The scale of the room and pretend kitchen was designed for three to six year olds. Once her IV was going, Qavah rode in a little red car from her room to the "kitchen." For the remainder of her transfusion time she busied herself with cooking projects. I love the way the pediatric clinic is run. Everything is designed to run smoothly. At the end of the transfusion and consultation with Qavah's doctor, the front desk called for the valet to bring my car to me. Call me a fanatic but I can't stop thanking people on occasions like that. I'm so grateful for the help, and grateful to God for the minds that He gives us to think of ways to meet the needs of others.

The hematologist has requested a bone marrow biopsy to be taken from Qavah's hip while she is asleep during surgery. She is looking for any evidence of cell destruction and production. All things considered, we are having good days and plenty of laughs. Sunday morning at Wellspring Presbyterian Church, Qavah will be baptized. Our service starts at ten and if you don't have other plans, please join us. We are praying for the girls' health so we can enjoy the experience together. Qavah is treasured, not just by us, but by her Heavenly Father and we want to dedicate her life to Him. She was alone without parental affection for the first seven months of her life in four different hospitals. It is hard for me to think of her without a loving parent to whisper hope to her and rock her. I wonder if the hospital staff could sense the numbers of angels surrounding her. Something special took place in Qavah's life during those months because more than any other child I've ever met, she exudes joy. My Bible study lesson for today is from Psalm 125. Perhaps He whispered these words to her Himself. "Those who trust in the Lord are as steady as Mt. Zion, unmoved by any circumstance. Just as the mountains surround and protect Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds and protects His people."


  1. Don't you think God often provides something for children who don't have the constant love of protecting parents? I believe I read once in Angels on Earth of a child that spent a great deal of infancy in the hospital, and actually remembered later of angels holding her. Aunt Lil and I had a bit of discussion via email about all the children in heaven. A retired minister in our church told me, too, that he believed God must surely have something special in heaven for all the babies who were aborted.
    Aunt Doris

  2. Thank you for your post tonight, Dawn. It makes my heart ache for Qavah - to know how it must have hurt when they tried to get the IV started. To know that she has more physical pain in store for her...but it also makes my heart rejoice for the goodness of a Heavenly father who has prepared such a perfect home here on earth for this precious little girl.

    We love you!

  3. We're still here keeping up with your clan. And praying as we read.
    Trisha & Ken