Monday, March 24, 2008

Bedtime Stories

Qavah has a favorite bedtime ritual. She likes to have her lullaby music turned on, grabs her blanket, and heads toward the rocking chair to wait for me to settle into it. Then she'll curl up in my lap and ask for a story. I have an ongoing story that I'm making up about "Tootsy the Butterfly" and her adventures. Because she shows up in every story, Qavah is always ready to hear the name of Tootsy. They've had all kinds of adventures in my stories including showing a young bear named Sugar where there is a bee hive filled with honey. Now, wherever she finds a butterfly in the course of her day she'll say, "Look it's Tootsy!" Butterflies are suddenly being spotted everywhere. She finds them on T-shirts, shoes, books, stickers; even in a wallpaper pattern. This is another way of telling me, "I'm paying attention, Mom. I'm always learning." That's a lot of fun for me.