Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Busy Night Busy Day

Kathryn and I waited most of the night for the clock to read 8:00 AM. It was late when we went to bed because Kathryn was experiencing a profound ear ache. She had no congestion and no cold, so an infection didn't seem likely, but she was miserable. As soon as the doctor's office opened this morning she got an appointment and had a check-up. There is an open sore in her ear canal that is bleeding and from what the doctor described, it is the same sort of thing that happens to her arms and legs. A small hole opens up and begins to bleed. It is hard to get the bleeding to stop and days before the wound is healed. There are drops to use for her ear and we tried them this afternoon. They increase the amount of pain similar to putting salt on a wound. The dried blood in her ear canal is causing a hearing loss in that ear. We were told to watch it carefully but other than watching for signs of bleeding on her pillow there isn't much I can do.

While Kathryn had her check-up, I took Qavah over to the hematologist in the hospital. We went in just to say "hello." Her doctor talked to me about taking Qavah to New York City to see a specialist in blood disorders. I signed a record release form giving her permission to send Qavah's records but I'm not all that excited about taking Qavah to New York. Driving in New York City is not like driving in downtown Roanoke. We talked a little while about our options then a quick look at yesterday's labs showed a low CBC count. Qavah is scheduled for a transfusion in the morning. Paul and I decided that we would all try to go to bed early tonight to see if we could get some better sleep.

Please pray for the wound in Kathryn's ear to heal over quickly and for Qavah's doctors, who need wisdom. We have the courage of a mighty lion but right now we have the strength of newborn kittens. Now is the time to rest.