Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Qavah came into the house with a huge bouquet of daffodils and presented them to me. Referring to the beauty of springtime and her bright smile I cheerfully took them and exclaimed, "Hope springs eternal!" To which she nearly fell on the floor laughing. Between hilarious laughter fits she said, "Hope spwing a turtle! Mommy you are so silly!"

We lit the candles in the bathroom last night and kept the lights off so I could tell Qavah stories by candlelight while she was taking her evening bath. I was halfway into my make-believe story about a little monster who was too afraid to say, "Boo" and suddenly she took over the story and finished it by giving the little monster a lesson in how to look fierce and say boo with gusto. It was very creative.

I spent time on the phone today arranging to have Qavah seen tomorrow about the rash she is experiencing. I also took Kathryn to her GI doctor today and that was encouraging. The things he has done to get the bowel issues of HPS under control have been extremely helpful. Kathryn was able to come home after the appointment and do a little school work. We just keep moving forward by faith.

We have had some very good moments lately. Our fears are lessoning their grip on us. Especially with Kathryn's bleeding episodes. I was remembering our Bible lesson from Sunday evening when my husband Paul was teaching from the book of Joshua. What would have happened to God's people if they got halfway across the Jordan and let fear stop them from continuing on to the promised land? Suppose they had been paralyzed by fear when they saw the waters of the Jordan "heaped up" on either side during flood stage? We do have to continue taking those steps forward even though fears seem to add eighty pound weights to our trembling legs at times. "Walking by faith and not by sight," implies moving. We have enjoyed so many things over the past several months, and one of them is facing the hard things realistically and then moving forward by faith. Kathryn and Qavah do that every day. I love being their Mom so much, and loving them has greatly increased my faith. The scriptures say it best, "Perfect love drives out fear."
1 John 4:18