Sunday, March 16, 2008

Qavah's Blood Cells

Since we have been taking care of Qavah and have read her medical records, we have suspected for a long time that a correct diagnosis of her blood disorder was made when she was just seven days old. One doctor noted in her records that Qavah's birth mother did not have prenatal care and that the possibility existed that the placenta was leaking during the pregnancy causing Qavah to take in her birth mother's blood. That could be the explanation of why Qavah's cells attack each other and within four weeks her labs show a low enough blood count for a transfusion. The doctor used the term "graft vs host" to describe it. Through a miraculous series of events in the past week, Jennifer found documentation to support that theory. The evidence is in a rash on Qavah's skin that I have not been able to get under control. The rash is unusual and a very specific type. In Jennifer's research she was able to find pictures of it. It is called Lichen Planus and is seen in people with a graft vs host diagnosis, more common in people who have received organ tranplants. If this is correct, there is a drug therapy available that would suppress her immune system and possibly bring the disappearing red cell mystery to an end and clear up this persistent rash that causes her a great deal of discomfort.

I am especially grateful to Jennifer for the thought she put into Qavah's problem. She examined the rash last week when she and Colin were here one evening. Then she pondered it until she could plug in the right words on Google to come up with the pictures identifying the rash. We are going to present these findings to Qavah's doctors this week. Qavah's monthly transfusions may soon be a thing of the past. God's tender care of Qavah is so evident in this. He has met her needs at every crossroad. I am humbled that He chose us to be her family, and that God chose to reveal this mystery to her "sister Jennifer." Why would He give us the knowledge about Kathryn having Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome and give Jennifer the right path to Qavah's diagnosis? It's His pleasure to do so! I'm not totally sure my explanation here is one hundred percent accurate to those who study medicine. But this I do know; we are ready to see the glory of God revealed, and are poised to worship Him for what He is about to do.