Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Spring Day

Today I took Kathryn to see her PCP and she was able to go over several things with him. It takes a team to address all of Kathryn's problems and we found at her appointment today that her PCP had been completely updated by her hematologist and GI doctor. Her pain management doctor also ordered labs, and although together they represent three different hospitals it has been such a help that they all communicate and know her medications. The last dose of Stimate we gave Kathryn on Tuesday morning sent her body into a real tailspin. She had to have the drug to stop her bleeding but it sent her electrolytes off balance and lowered her blood pressure to a dangerous low. The abdominal pain set in later in the day yesterday and therefore her pain management along with electrolyte imbalance had her awake the whole night. All we could do was pray for her and give her hot packs for her stomach to try to keep her comfortable. By mid-day today things had settled down and she was able to eat a little bit. We do have another choice of drug for bleeding episodes called Amicar . Her hematologist will help with that.

Qavah has been interested in everything going on with Kathryn. She watched Kathryn's blood draw today very closely and then told Kathryn what a brave girl she was for not crying. It was really sweet. She has finally met someone who makes as many trips to the doctor as she does. I wish things were easier for both of our girls, but it is good to see them happy in spite of the hardships.

It is an absolutely beautiful spring day here in Virginia. I just talked to my Michigan friends and family this past weekend about their snowy winter and I have to say I'm happy to be a Southerner! These spring days will arrive in Michigan in about four weeks so just hold on!