Monday, March 03, 2008

Sunshine today

I took Qavah for her dental appointment today. She left the office looking like the winner of a game show again. For sitting still and winning everyone with her beautiful smile, she received a bracelet, toy boat, spinning toy that makes little sparks when you spin it, a new toothbrush, and a small duck that yells "Aflac" when it is squeezed. It's almost bath time and she intends to check out her toy boat in tonight's bath water. She was delighted with the visit today. When she goes back to have two cavities filled next week I'm hoping she'll remember the dentist can be fun!

Kathryn had a slow day. After a lovely weekend and a donut last Friday night she is back in bed with pancreas pain. She knows that the pain means an overgrowth of bacteria and has to increase her Xifaxin, but by the time the pain begins it takes awhile to turn things around. The strong pancreatic pain started after dinner tonight. Although she has eaten light, it seems her pancreas is taxed by the slightest thing. I do hope and pray things turn around quickly and that tomorrow will be better.

After Qavah has had her story in the rocking chair, music, good night kisses, prayers, and her blankets tucked in just right, I say,"See you in the morning when the sunshine comes." Being a little girl with a great memory for details she pops out of bed in the morning and runs to the window to see if the sunshine has come. This morning I woke up to her jumping up and down at the hallway window in a cheerful voice saying, "It's here, the sunshine is here!" It puts sunshine straight into my soul to see her joy. I'm so thankful for her happy heart and thankful for the way it makes mine feel.