Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Taking Thoughts Captive

I read today that a very precious woman, struggling with HPS, has finished her earthly battle at the age of twenty-nine. I have been praying for her, knowing that her situation was serious. She leaves behind a husband and two little children. I couldn't shake off the sorrow I felt for their family all day. I kissed the girls more, paid them more attention, and thought a little more about the health challenges that my girls face. Elizaira's death drove home the reality that HPS at this time has no cure. Thoughts began to take shape in my brain that brought tears to my eyes. How much longer does Kathryn have? How can we make the most of the time we have? How long will Qavah be able to enjoy her life?

These are the thoughts that would completely break our hearts if not for hope. No one is promised a long life. Tonight the thoughts that turn my mourning into dancing are filled with hope and light. Kathryn knows the saving grace of Jesus. She has seen heaven and knows in part what she has to look forward to. She has no grief about leaving this world knowing we will all be together again in a place where there is no sorrow or sickness. I am grateful that Kathryn talks so much about heaven and her joy in knowing her eternal security is sure. It relieves my sorrow.

Because God so loves Qavah she is becoming interested in her little bedside Bible. She started to pray along with our family and talks about Jesus. She heard the story of David and Goliath last week and is thrilled that God made David stronger than the big giant from Gath. She opens her Bible and pretends to read me the story of the brave little shepherd boy. Because God is writing His Word upon her heart I have faith that when her need for courage is at hand she will remember how He came to the aid of young David. The girls have such a simple faith. They seem not to care about little unimportant things. They seem to have a keen understanding that this world is not their home.

I'll close with a picture of a young wife and mother who faced the challenges of this life and fought hard against the manifestations of HPS. The first time I saw her picture I was taken by the sweetness of the expression on her face. I can imagine her now, with her sweet smile, resting from her labors and enjoying her heavenly home.