Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday update

I was up early this morning to take Qavah for a medical check-up. She tolerated everything so well. Medical staff usually marvel at her composure during an exam. When they find out why she is used to being in a hospital and how much she has endured in the past she gets a lot of extra stickers and rewards. Today she got a new coloring book and crayons. Her blood lab results are looking good. While I was out in the hall speaking with the doctor the nurse stayed in the room with Qavah. When I returned the nurse said, "Does she really play the 'cello?" Qavah just looked over at me and beamed and I said, "Yes, she really does!" They had been talking about music and the nurse thought Qavah was kidding when she told her that.

Kathryn is still struggling with her platelet problems. She feels terrible but the episodes of sudden bleeding have subsided thanks to the Stimate. She is disappointed to be feeling so bad physically when everything "should" be going well. She was able to eat and digest food today. The bloody reflux and bloody taste in her mouth has gone away so eating was pleasurable. When I reminded her that today she was able to get out of bed and able to eat something she didn't seem to brighten. I know this is tough on her. Thank you for your prayers.