Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What a Picture

Our website is just a little different tonight. I needed to take a new picture of myself for a speaking engagement I have in May. The church wanted a picture of me so Kathryn told me where to stand and how to smile. What you can't see is that I am wearing old jeans and no shoes, but otherwise I think I look professional enough!

It is the day before Remicade. Usually Kathryn is totally bedridden with abdominal pain. Since the dose of Methotrexate was increased last week she has been better in every way. It took many drug trials to find the right combination, but finally Kathryn is having days without miserable GI issues. We've been thanking God constantly. We thanked Him several times today that Kathryn could eat on the day before Remicade and even enjoyed a little chicken salad for dinner. We're getting ready for a little campfire tonight. Paul Burton is coming home from work at nine o'clock and we are going to toast marshmallows over our fire. Qavah and Kathryn are so excited about it.

Last night about ten o'clock Kathryn said, "I'm needing a change in my life!" So I found a bottle of hair color and got the scissors and we had a great time coming up with a new look! What fun it is to be a girl, love change, and have the ability to open a box and be transformed. We are having so much fun! Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and constant encouragement. What a deep valley we have journeyed though; the view from the mountain top is that much more beautiful because of it.

Kathryn with her new hairdo:

Dawn helping Qavah toast her marshmallow:

Paul Burton, Dawn, and Qavah:

Qavah enjoying the "fruit of her labor":

Paul Burton with the "perfect" marshmallow he made for Kathryn: