Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to "Real" Life

Last week was wonderful. Every day was an adventure. This week is wonderful, too, but responsibilities are staring me right in the face. Taking a week off left us with nine loads of laundry, dust balls forming in the hallway, and weeds spreading like wildfire in the flower beds. But a week off is exactly what we needed. We called Marcia today and found out that her day back at the office was filled with responsibilities too. Well, taking a week off was what we all needed and if any other friends want to come and visit, we'll take another week to have some fun. The guest room is available.

Kathryn has her harp in her room now. At night when we are all settling in we can hear her playing it softly and we find it is the most soothing music in which to fall asleep. Mom and Dad surprised her by bringing the harp to her on Saturday. It is such a beautiful thing. Dad has been talking about the next one he plans to make. It is very exciting to hear an instrument that is hand-made by special grandparents.

An event that passed by rather quietly last week was Paul Burton's birthday. We once went to a marriage seminar where Paul and I learned about the typical habits of people born in a certain birth order. The speaker had great insight regarding the first born and baby of the family. I was hoping to hear about the "middle child" being one myself, but when the guest speaker got to the description of the "middle child," he said, "Middle children are used to being overlooked, so we'll just skip right over them!" Everyone laughed but the "middle children." So here is my tribute to Paul Burton, our "middle child," who helped us care for Kathryn with his medical knowledge over the past year and delights us with his joyful spirit and heart of mercy. Happy Birthday, son.