Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bacteria Overload

Kathryn saw the GI doctor this morning. He agreed with the diagnosis of an overgrowth of bacteria in Kathryn's body and was pleased that the IV Rocephin had started already. Her appointment was very informative and productive. She will be detoxing in some not-so-pleasant ways over the next two days. Basically the doctor told her that she should be feeling a lot better in about four days and gave her some pro-biotics to use during the course of the Rocephin treatments which will end on Sunday.

Qavah was telling Kathryn's Home-Health nurse today about the people she loves. As she was telling about each family member, the nurse kept commenting on her sweet spirit. I "catch" her joy when Qavah talks about the wonderful things in her life. I found myself smiling brightly. Paul Burton stopped off at the store late last night and bought her a couple of movies. She jumped for joy this morning when she woke up and discovered she had "Nemo!" for her very own. As Qavah told the nurse all about Paul Burton and how he "buyed me Nemo at Wal-Mart," she made us all smile. Lord, if I am going to have an abundance of anything, let it be gratitude and joy!