Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Brave Little Warrior

Qavah had her transfusion this afternoon. Although Qavah is type O positive, her hematologist has planned to transfuse her with type O negative blood for the next couple of months and then draw her blood at the end of that period to be analyzed again for Diamond Blackfan Anemia. In the meantime we will continue with monthly transfusions and pray for Qavah's situation to change for the better. Right now she is sleeping and her fever is back. Her red cells disappear faster with fevers, so we'll have to get her blood count taken again soon if the fever persists.

On the way to the hospital this morning I called Paul on his cell phone to ask him to pray for us. The stresses of dealing with illness everyday had us all on edge this morning. To complicate matters, Kathryn vomited all her morning medications after they had been inside of her for only forty-five minutes. Some of her medications are absolutely necessary to keep her functioning so between Kathryn, Paul, and myself, it was decided that she should take everything over again. Although Kathryn accomplished a lot today, she hasn't felt very well. She is especially thankful to have her classes finished.

It isn't strange or odd for Paul to stop what he is doing to pray with me. While I listened to him pray via cell phone, he spoke in particular about the circumstances in our lives right now that we can do nothing about. To give that all over to the One Who can handle it is something we have to do for our mental health. There is actually a feeling of physical relief we have after we have prayed through a tough situation. When we struggle together, pray together, and have faith together, we have been better able to keep going. The joy of being in all this together is that when the victories come we can rejoice together, too.