Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Cupboards are Full

Paul came home for dinner and all of us girls were sound asleep. We slept most of the afternoon away. Kathryn is feeling a little better but just when I think Qavah has made a turn her temperature rises again.

For the past week I have been saying that I have to go grocery shopping. But then as if by magic I throw one more meal together with what is left in the freezer. But tonight Paul said, "We have to go shopping." Maybe his dinner wasn't so great! So we went shopping with a long list. Our cart was so full we could hardly push it to the check-out. Once we got everything home the girls met us in the kitchen with their spoons ready! They both like fruity snacks like applesauce and baby food bananas so we bought plenty. Now that everything is put away I feel rich. Instead of wondering what I can fix for dinner tomorrow, I have many choices. It's just an ordinary post about grocery shopping, but my heart is so full of gratitude. I'm grateful for Paul's work that provides income, that Kathryn can eat again, and that God supplies all of our needs. His compassion is seen in my cupboards tonight. I love Him so much for the way He keeps on giving.