Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Little Perspective

Qavah received a camera for Christmas. It is a digital camera made for children. We thought it would be fun to have her take pictures of things that interested her. Then by viewing her pictures we thought we could learn about her interests and help develop them. We taught her how to aim the camera and then how to snap the picture. Since giving her that camera we have had some deep belly laughs. Keeping in mind that she is only a little over three feet tall, this is the world from her perspective.

Copying the phrases that make her smile for pictures she said, "smile everybody. Say cheese, say monkeys, say gweesy sneakers."

Today Qavah came skipping out of Kathryn's room with her camera. "I got pictures of Kafrin's harp!" she exclaimed. Sure enough, there is Kathryn's harp, or the strings anyway!

Both girls are having some minor health issues. Kathryn had another bleeding episode in her back but we had Stimate in the refrigerator and gave it to her immediately to stop the bleeding. She is in pain now when she moves, but this has happened before and we knew what to do right away. Qavah has another staph infection and it is causing a painful sty to her left eye. She is fatigued by it and has been taking extra long afternoon naps. Her next transfusion will need to be soon. We had ten very good days all in a row, and nothing can take that away from us! My gratitude for those ten days can not be shaken. While Paul and I have cared for the girls during their bad days, we have certainly learned to celebrate the normal days with more enthusiasm. It's all a matter of perspective.