Saturday, April 19, 2008

Noon Flight for Marcia

We took Marcia to the airport at noon and by three o'clock she called from Detroit saying she was already on I-94 south of the airport on her way to shop with her husband at Cabella's (the hunting and fishing superstore). Except for taking Qavah to UVA on Wednesday for diagnostic testing, I was able to take off my "nurse's hat" for the week and enjoy the time with my friend.

In just a week Marcia helped Kathryn practice her voice lessons, taught Qavah a new song, and fit all kinds of sightseeing activities into her schedule. Everyday was special. We took long walks each day and enjoyed an abundance of sunshine. We laughed, cried, and prayed together. We saw the beauty of the valley in full bloom. And last night she was here to celebrate Passover with us. It was a full and glorious week. It has been so long since I've had that kind of week. I told Kathryn tonight that it all seems like a dream. With Kathryn having had seven good days in a row I am in awe of the mercies of God.

The weather was so pleasant the day Marcia arrived that we ate dinner outside:

Paul Burton, Marcia, and Dawn hiked at Roaring Run:

After the hike, Paul Burton and the ladies ate at White Oak Tea Tavern:

Marcia got to visit with Dad and Mom Campbell the day Qavah went to UVA:

Marcia got to play Grandmom Campbell's harp:

One day, the girls went antique shopping at Olde Salem Mercantile. Qavah turned into "Tootsie the Butterfly":

Qavah and Aunt Marcia:

Marcia celebrated Passover with us on Friday night:

The only souvenir Marcia took home with her was three bottles of Virginia-made salad dressing that we bought just before dropping her off at the airport: