Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red Buds

This morning Kathryn had a very early appointment with a wound care specialist. The sun was just coming up on the horizon when we got on the interstate heading toward the hospital. The atmosphere was pink from the early sun, but the Red Bud trees were really showing off! The "red" color is more of a purple - pink, and they are plentiful here in Virginia. I think this is one of the prettiest places in the world in springtime. Probably everyone thinks that about their hometown.

Kathryn's appointment went well. The wounds on her legs and hand are healing after two months. She knows that the drugs she needs for her GI issues have side effects and this is one of them. It take even a paper cut weeks to heal, but the GI medication is helping so much that she is willing to live with being very careful. We did some writing together today, and I found that to be a good way to use our creative skills.

Qavah has been getting better too. We have heard from the doctor in New York. The research team there is willing to accept her and work with us, but we are not completely sure about entering her into a "research" program. Once in the program, there are expectations that the scientists will have for her. If she were old enough to tell us, "This is what I desire," it would be easier to jump in or out with both feet. We pray about it all the time. We are looking for an answer. We have a hopeful expectation, the same as with Kathryn, that God has a plan and He will bring it to pass when the time is right.