Monday, April 28, 2008


Just like the weather fluctuation in springtime, the seasons of good health for Kathryn change unexpectedly. Since last week she has been having trouble with bleeding again but it seemed under control with the Stimate we were using. However in the past couple of days something has changed. Kathryn's health took a drastic turn last night after posting a very courageous stand for life on her website. Her post was very direct and strong, but within a few hours we were at her bedside praying for help, watching her body weaken.

The places on Kathryn's body that look the worst are places where she has had surgeries. Her wounds have been healed for over a year and yet this morning the site of her old Hickman line was inflamed and bruised looking. Paul took her to the doctor. Her blood counts were changed from her last visit and with the continued bowel bleeding the doctor started her on IV antibiotics in his office because her symptoms and tests seem to indicate infection. He didn't want to wait to start an antibiotic until the bacteria cultures came back because the Hickman scar had long red lines forming around it. The stress to Kathryn's adrenal system has caused other problems all day. She has been shaking with joint pain and vomiting since early this afternoon, so we have had to give her a larger dose of Prednisone. The doctor gave her a choice to stay at the hospital or go home with Home-Health Care to receive IV's at home and she decided on the latter. So we are home, but Kathryn is struggling to keep her spirits up because of this abrupt change. She is scheduled for a visit with her GI doctor early Wednesday morning.

Our hope is strong tonight. Our wrestling is not with the physical problems of HPS but the spiritual battle raging against Kathryn as she continues to choose life and boldly proclaims the truth of God's word concerning the sanctity of life. Paul and I sat with her for awhile this evening and read portions of the book of Isaiah aloud. The events surrounding her graduation and the stand she has taken against a culture of death reminds us that Kathryn has chosen a narrower road, and with it comes suffering at times.

"Listen to me, my people, listen, for I will see that right prevails. My mercy and justice are coming soon; your salvation is on the way. I will rule the nations; they shall wait for me and long for me to come. The time will come when the redeemed will all come home again, they shall come with singing to Jerusalem, filled with joy and everlasting gladness; sorrow and mourning will all disappear." Is 51:4,5,11