Monday, April 07, 2008

Seeing Jesus

The last time I took Qavah to the lab for her blood work she was sitting on my lap about to feel the "little pinch" as they say, when suddenly she turned to me and said quietly, "It's okay, Jesus is here." The phlebotomist heard her say that and stopped to ask, "Qavah do you see Jesus?" Qavah said, "yes, standing right there," pointing to the space beside our chair. Tears came to her eyes and she said, "I believe you Qavah." Then she turned her attention to me and said, "She is not the only child to say that, and point to that spot." We all stopped for a moment to let the feeling of awe pass. He was there giving Qavah special grace.

On the bulletin board in the lab are photos of children; regular visitors to the lab. Some are smiling brightly, some are jaundiced and balding from their chemotherapy treatments. All have to be brave and are called to a life that is filled with challenges. But the two lab technicians work to praise and worship music. They told me when I took Qavah back today for more testing that they see their job as a mission, and look for Jesus to show up as they work with the children.

This calling to care for the sick has its heartaches, but it also has great rewards. We see Jesus in our lives as never before. He said in His word He will never leave us, but because He is invisible to us we forget His presence is here. It is our girls who have seen Him in their suffering and remind us that His love and compassion surrounds us as we go about the daily tasks of caring for them. Paul prayed over Qavah today that she will continue to see Jesus, and that His friendship will be very real throughout her life. I long for that for all of our children more than anything.

As I was rocking Qavah to sleep tonight to her lullaby music the words of this song were like dessert at the end of a good meal. The words are for all of us no matter how young or old. Enjoy them as you close out your day.

Heavenly Father - (words and music by Troy and Genie Nilson)

Your Heavenly Father is holding you,
Keeping you safe and warm;
His love surrounds you and holds you tight,
Sheltered in every storm.

You are His child
He loves you so
He'll never leave,
He'll never let go.
He'll stay beside you
All the night through
Your Heavenly Father is holding you.

Your Heavenly Father is smiling now,
watching you fall asleep;
Trusting Him, slowly you close your eyes,
Wrapped in His perfect peace.