Thursday, April 17, 2008

The View From My Window

The girls are doing so well. Kathryn stayed home yesterday and slept through the day as her medications were working. She woke up feeling much better today. Qavah had a very good appointment in Charlottesville and bravely did all that was asked of her. I was able to see on the ultra sound that her one kidney is very large for a child her age, which means that her body has compensated beautifully and her one kidney grew to do the job of two kidneys. We have a lot to be thankful for. Marcia was such a big help to me this week and Qavah has been saying, "I love Aunt Marcia," in response. The drive to Charlottesville was shorter with a friend to go along.

When I wake up and look out the window at the end of our bed, this is the view I see every spring. I feel the joy of waking up to a brand new day when this sight is waiting for me. When I opened my eyes this morning I said "Lord, you are really showing off today!" This spring has been one of the most beautiful because the rain had fallen just before the blossoms burst open. The sunshine and temperatures are just right to encourage the blooms. Is spring more beautiful or have I grown to appreciate life more?

If you put your mouse cursor directly on the picture and click, it will magnify the picture and show you a little bit more of the greatness of God's handiwork.