Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Fun

The girls are both doing so well physically that we were able to attend a church service last night and have several fun things planned for the rest of the weekend. Tonight, at the local library we will celebrate the thirtieth birthday of the Blue Ridge Library. But the main reason we want to go is to hear the Hall String Trio. They are a young family we met years ago that have studied music and have made it a big part of their homeschool training. They now play for weddings and other events. I'll give you a link to listen to them. They are a very sweet family and I'm very happy we can take the girls to see them tonight. The festivities start at seven o'clock. Qavah is most interest in the 'cello and I'm sure will be impressed tonight.

This kind of report is what we longed to be able to write to you, and the joy we have in our hearts is overflowing. The circumstances are what they are, but that is why these good days are even better. All those times we cried out to God for mercy have come down to this: we trust God more completely, we understand that we do not have the control, and we are even more enthusiastic in our celebrating, recognizing that every day is a gift.

Enjoy your Sabbath rest. I won't be posting until after the weekend. See and hear the Hall family at