Monday, May 12, 2008

Blessings to Keep Me Going

This past Saturday evening I was about to start dinner when I pulled Qavah up onto my lap. As soon as I touched her, I knew immediately she had a fever. A call to the hematologist resulted in our taking Qavah to the ER for a blood transfusion. Her CBC was 5.6. Now that we have learned to read the signs of trouble it didn't take long to get a plan in place for the transfusion. Because things were hectic on the ER floor, we were moved to the pediatric floor around midnight. Paul and I were so hungry we asked a nurse and found out that the Blimpie shop in the cafeteria was open until two in the morning. Paul went for food while Qavah and I got settled in for the night. Qavah slept while we had dinner and because her IV site was irritated the nurse had to slow the transfusion to a four hour drip. We drove home as the sun was coming up. Qavah seemed dazed by it all.

When we arrived home Kathryn had a Mother's Day card for me on our bed that held a gift certificate for a facial and pedicure. I could close my eyes right then and just dream about how that was going to feel after the long night. As if that weren't enough, Kathryn hopped out of bed and turned on her computer. She took me over to her computer chair and sat me down so I could read the surprise message she had left for me on the blog. I was moved to tears. I admired her creativity. I thought it was significant that Kathryn thinks of my hands as "healing hands" especially when there were times she was in so much pain I felt inadequate, never knowing whether my hands could really bring comfort.

I am thankful to have the praise of my children because in many ways they have become my friends over the years, and it means a lot to me that they can remember good times even though there were plenty of struggles. They blessed me abundantly on Sunday with cards, gifts, and joyful hearts. Paul had somehow slipped out of bed and driven to the store in hopes of finding some flowers. When I woke up just before noon I found a bouquet of roses and a wonderful note from Paul on the kitchen counter. I was amazed that he had the strength to do that after being up most of the night.

Those expressions of love have stayed with me all day and fueled my desire to be a better servant. Qavah has been quite sick, and Kathryn is still struggling with the wound on her shoulder from the Hickman site. I had several loads of laundry to wash, so today I got back to doing the things that bring comfort and order to our home, and took care of the girls. I read that a mom would be worth $117,000.00 a year if she were paid for all her housework, child care, and overtime. But we mothers gladly do it all for the joy of knowing we are living out the purpose God has for us. Even in the times when children don't or won't recognize our value, God sees, and knows the intent of our hearts, and it is precious to Him.