Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Force of a Sneeze

Things were going very well over the weekend and Kathryn was enjoying her porch retreat (see Kathryn'sKeepsakes for details). Then yesterday afternoon about two-thirty a sneeze caught her off-guard. She said that after the force of the sneeze she felt something pop in her rib cage and then a troublesome cough started, after which she could not get a deep enough breath. Her breathing seemed labored and she could only breathe while slumped forward. Jennifer had just pulled into the driveway so we found the stethoscope and had her listen to Kathryn's lung sounds. Jennifer said there was not much movement of air in her left lung so we decided to take her to the emergency room at the hospital across town. Jennifer sat in the back seat helping with Kathryn as I drove. We had a good prayer time on the way there; praying for help to come swiftly once we arrived.

Although it was a Monday holiday, within five minutes after arriving at the hospital Kathryn was taken back to a room, put on oxygen, had an IV started, and a chest x-ray taken. She went to the front of the line when she passed out in the lobby and couldn't be roused. The ER doctor read the x-ray and said that her rib must have shifted during the sneeze causing the intense pain. The pain level caused shallow breathing, which caused her to eventually pass out. So after using oxygen for a couple of hours, and a dose of something to cut her pain level down, we started for home, stopping at the Dairy Queen for some much needed refreshment.

Because it is allergy season and Kathryn normally sneezes several times a day, Paul Burton made the decision to wrap her rib cage last night when he got home from work. I told him that it wasn't something that is normally helpful according to the articles I had read, but he said, "Kathryn's body needs to be held together and we are going to do this!" He said it so matter-of-fact, that Kathryn simply relented. He wrapped her rib and then showed me how to unwrap it for showers but instructed me to keep it on her. It actually is helping her. I don't know why all this is happening to Kathryn. She has asked that same question. She still wants to travel to her cousin's wedding this weekend, but has also started to say things like, "...if I have to stay home..."

I think if we all pray and ask the Lord for swift healing, He may say, "Yes!" I know He is able. It would be such a treat for her to get out of the house to celebrate something! Our hearts' desires are to have her with us, enjoying the family, and sharing the memory. Please pray it will be so.