Sunday, May 18, 2008

An HPS Thing

I have been waiting all weekend to write in the hope that things would be better for Kathryn by now. But I'm writing to ask for special prayer again as she battles another round with her cells. This past Friday night we attended a recognition ceremony at the Higher Education Center. Kathryn was honored along with other Mary Baldwin graduates from the Roanoke area and we had a very lovely evening although Kathryn complained a few times about a pain in her left side on her ribcage. I hoped it was just a bruise but by Saturday night she was in so much pain that the whole electrolyte problem returned and I spent the night trying to keep her pain managed and electrolytes balanced.

I now run through a series of questions when these things happen beginning with, "Did you bump yourself or feel a muscle pull?" This particular pain is new and I started to suspect internal bleeding or a cracked rib when the pain level became unbearable. I was reluctant to use Stimate because it can only be used to control bleeding a couple of times a month and I was holding off using it until I saw evidence of bleeding in the form of a bruise. Tonight she was talking with me when she looked down at what she thought was a drip on her leg, and she was bleeding heavily from three tiny holes that opened up on her shin as we were standing in the hall having a conversation. It was a shock, but at the same time we knew it was time for Stimate and gave it to her. Now we are waiting for it to begin to calm her cells down and stop the bleeding. As Kathryn says, "This is the new normal." Please pray that internal bleeding is all this is and that the Stimate will turn things around.

I'll post pictures of Kathryn in her cap and gown later. For now I just wanted to give you an update and ask for prayer. Thank you so much for checking the blog and for praying. Some time in the wee hours of the morning after many tears and prayers she said, "HPS....Human Program of Suffering!" I reminded her that she had almost five good days in a row last week, so we are getting closer to managing the symptoms as they arise. We are thankful tonight that there are drugs available to help Kathryn and they are right here in our home to be used in times like this. Thank you for praying for the specifics. We know God is hearing.