Friday, May 02, 2008

Interesting twists

This morning I woke up to what felt like a mule kick to the jaw. It sent shock waves through my body. I called our dentist early. It was his day off and he was already dressed for the golf course, but he carved out time to open his office to see me. After seeing me briefly at the office he called an endodontist across town and I went in for an emergency root canal. The appointment was very painful because of the angry abscess in my jaw. Realizing that I needed extra novocaine, the endodonist gave me a couple extra shots. Within minutes my heart was racing, I was passing out, and when I finally got my bearings I was in the chair with my eye taped shut, oxygen up my nose, and an elevated heart rate and pulse. The nerve that ran to my eye was deadened and I had no control over it so I couldn't blink. The endodonist was excellent. She handled everything with care and caution. She let me choose the music for the procedure and I chose the easy-listening jazz of Nora Jones. So after that things got better.

What is most interesting to me is that this past Wednesday I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning. All went well and a new set of x-rays showed no sign of problems. So where did this abscess come from? With that in mind, I'm going to ask for prayer for the two hundred women who bought a ticket to this event tomorrow. There will be what I hope is a clear Gospel message. Ironically, the topic is, "God's perspective on trials and suffering."