Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pain Medication Rambling

I tried to post yesterday but my thoughts didn't flow very well. I have decided it is a bloomin' miracle that Kathryn wrote her senior thesis while on pain medication! I was sure that I would feel well enough to take Kathryn to her Remicade appointment today and then do something on that side of town with Qavah for four hours. But Kathryn looked at me dubiously and said, "I'm going to call Aunt Julie." The two of them worked out the plan yesterday and today I'm home by myself for several hours with my little ice pack and pain medication. I'm so glad Kathryn had the foresight to make a plan for today. I called the dentist this morning and asked, "Am I still supposed to feel like my jaw has been crushed?" The answer was, "Yes!" So here I am at home praying for swifter healing.

I told Qavah last night that Aunt Julie was going to take care of her for awhile today. She lit up and said, "I LOVE Aunt Julie!" It is precious to me that all of our family members and extended family have made such a great impression on Qavah. She loves them all, and they love her. The love Qavah has been shown the past several months from our family and friends has changed her life and brought healing to her heart.

About six months ago a young woman called me asking about our adoption of Qavah. She heard that it was quick and not costly as many foreign adoptions are. She told me that she and her husband had wanted children for years but it looked like adoption would be the right option for them. They followed the instructions to have a home-study done and then went to the same website where we found Qavah, They found two little brothers available for adoption and have been making arrangements to bring them home from another state.

The love of Christ within this young couple will play a huge part in their healing, because the little boys were badly abused and have scars over their little bodies from human bite marks. The thrill in this young woman's voice when she told me the marvelous story of the redemption of these little guys is just the beginning! They have so many joys ahead of them as the children begin to trust them. Our prayers are with this family as they live out their life purpose. I'm thankful that as awful as their start in life was, God had a plan all along for saving these brothers. There are 115,000 more children available for adoption right now in the United States. Thanks to their Heavenly Father who sees even a sparrow fall, two more children have just been found by their God-Appointed mommy and daddy.