Monday, May 19, 2008

Pain Mystery Solved

After searching the internet, I kept coming back to the articles on rib fractures. Kathryn's osteroporosis is so profound because of Prednisone use that it seemed like one thing to check. This morning there was significant bruising on the left side of her rib cage and the bruising extended in streaks downward toward her hip. Seeing that, my theory of internal bleeding also seemed to fit so I took Kathryn to the hematologist this afternoon hoping to solve the mystery.

As the doctor examined Kathryn he didn't hesitate to ask me what I thought. After telling him my idea he examined her side, pushed on it a little, and said, "I don't think it is a fracture but I will order an X-Ray." After the X-Ray was read he came back into the room and said, "You were right it is a spiral fracture!" Then he proceeded to tell me that he is learning to trust Kathryn and me when we have a theory. That's a secure man! His goal and mine are the same. We just want to see Kathryn's pain levels lower, and are willing to keep plugging away until there is an explanation. We'll never know what caused the fracture, but the pain began sometime late Friday afternoon as she was getting ready for her graduation recognition party.

There is nothing we can do for Kathryn but to try and make her comfortable. The hematologist told her the rib will mend over the next four to six weeks on its own but he warned her about being extremely careful until the bone has mended. That being said, I would like to ask for special prayer that God would knit Kathryn's rib back together so she can travel to her cousin's wedding in less than two weeks. She told me on the drive home from the hospital that nothing is going to stop her from being there. I would just ask for the wisdom to travel with her, and for her strength. The pain of a fractured rib is tiring for her, but she is determined, and stated emphatically that she is going no matter what!