Monday, May 05, 2008

Sabbath Day Surprise

We decided to sleep in Sunday morning until we felt rested enough to wake up. I woke up at eleven o'clock. The antibiotic I have been taking for my toothache started working and I was able to sleep through the night. Kathryn and Qavah slept as long as I did. We didn't have to be at the Roanoke Civic Center until one-thirty so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then went to hear the rehearsal of Verdi's Requiem. It was a wonderful performance ending in a prolonged silence because the audience was not supposed to applaud. On the final notes that ended the requiem, the choir sang the words, "Deliver me." The holy hush in the auditorium was so absolutely perfect. After the long silence, it was the choir that broke into applause. They sang some of the most meaningful words from scripture there are, and it was all about the salvation we have in Christ; a refuge from the wrath of God to come upon those who do not believe Him. It was stunning. Tonight the performance begins in an hour and we are planning to listen to it on our local radio station.

From that rehearsal we went to another fantastic music production at Bonsack Baptist Church. The choir and orchestra performed the same pieces that they will be singing at Carnegie Hall the first of June. The day for us was extra special because the girls were healthy and could enjoy it with us. After the concert we went to the Dairy Queen for ice cream with another family and had a lot of laughs. It was another hallelujah moment when we arrived home at the end of the day having had such a perfect time together. We slept in again this morning, too!

Today the girls and I went shopping for some special things. There are graduations, weddings, and birthdays coming up and many things are needed for celebrating. Kathryn is feeling so much better. Her last Rocephin treatment left her rather flustered. It took two nurses and seven tries to find a vein. So we really did celebrate today. There were many shopping bags in the trunk by the time we got home and both girls could hardly wait for their daddy to get home to "twirl" in their new clothes. They met him out on the driveway and I said a silent prayer that Paul would notice the girls had on something new. He did notice! They bobbed up and down with delight with his praises. It is so important to them that their daddy notices the good things.

Dear Abba Father,
My heart is bobbing up and down like a happy child tonight because YOU have been so good to give us these wonderful moments that stretched into two good days. I am grateful, Father, grateful enough to shout for joy. You see me twirling with delight in my spirit tonight! Thank you for all the bad times that have enhanced the good times by far.