Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arizona Rest

Our flight and everything about our trip has been smooth and wonderful. We are staying with family here in Phoenix and their home is an absolute haven. The rest we are getting is rich and satisfying. I have pictures of Jim and Vicki's yard and pool to post after we get home. It is everything we dreamed about when we were wanting to take a vacation from our time of testing! Kathryn took her second dose of Methotrexate today and didn't feel up to doing much. So I shopped for baby food at a nearby grocery store and after finishing our Gerber dinners we sat outdoors when the sun went down. It is a quiet time for our souls; a time we have been longing for. God has certainly blessed us after many difficulties.

Paul is keeping in touch with me daily by cell phone. He put Qavah on the phone today and she told me that she spent the day with Aunt Julie. I asked her if she had a good sleep last night and she said, "Yes! Daddy rocked me in the rocking chair." Paul reported that they both fell asleep in the rocking chair last night. It seems we are all getting the rest we need.

We plan to make our trip to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Sedona over the next two days. We are taking pictures all along the way but will have to wait until we get home to post them. We thank you for your prayers for us. It is such a marvelous feeling to be taking a vacation.