Saturday, June 14, 2008

Better Than We Imagined

When I was young I would dream of our family vacations and think because we were going to stay at the Flintstone's KOA that Pebbles and Bam Bam would probably be there and I fancied visiting their Bedrock home. We would travel in our family station wagon pulling a trailer and I would sit and dream about the next stop. The problem for me was that my imaginary vacation was actually better than the real thing and I often felt disappointed that the billboard hype was not reality.

However, this vacation is above and beyond anything I could have dreamed. Jim and Vicki have given us the vacation that exceeded our expectations. Their home is a haven. Kathryn took a late night swim in their beautiful pool and got chilled so Jim and Vicki led us over to their backyard fireplace. We sat around the fire telling stories and chatting. Arizona does not have pesky bugs this time of year so we were able to sit out under the stars and enjoy the night sky.

We've seen the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon at sunset, the mountains and tall pines of Flagstaff, the red rock canyon of Sedona, and the love of our Heavenly Father every moment of every day. We are getting deep restful sleep, good nourishing food, and every need we have is being met. These are the days for which we prayed. These are the peaceful moments that we hoped would be ours one day.

A year ago this week, we were in a small hospital room waiting for Kathryn's surgery. Her bone pain was more than she could handle and we took turns staying with her because it was too hard to watch. In the confines of that hospital room, this trip to Arizona was already planned for us by a loving God Who orders our steps.

In stark contrast to Kathryn's small hospital room, we stood on the rim of the vast open space of the Grand Canyon. The enormous amount of open space gave me the feeling that I am only a very small speck on this planet; my knees were actually shaking. Since I have learned to talk to God right out loud throughout my day, I stood there overlooking the display of His splendor and asked Him, "If Your creation makes me tremble, Lord, how will I ever stand before the beauty of your Holiness?" I will need a new heart to withstand the awe.

Jim and Vicki Campbell, making our delicious breakfast:

The dreams that we dare to dream really do come true:

Having a delicious lunch in Sedona:

No vacation is complete without a shopping trip: