Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Brief Update on Kathryn

Today Kathryn was not as nauseated, but her electrolytes are still off. Her hematologist said that Stimate can do that but she has no choice in the matter. She has to use it. Another friend with a platelet disorder suggested a different drug that her doctor has used for her bleeding episodes so we are looking into that. Her bedsheets had little dots of blood all over them this morning so her body is going through some strange transition. I even wondered if our plane flight could have brought this on. Who knows what her cells do with variable cabin pressure and oxygen? Most of us never notice changes like that. But during our flight, Kathryn did complain about her ears and felt pretty exhausted. It is another event to document and consider. I hope and pray things straighten out for her by the weekend.

There were some sweet surprises in this day. A box arrived from "Cousin Mike." It was pretty well filled with home-made goodies. It was like Christmas in June. Qavah and Kathryn sat at the table enjoying blueberry-filled cookies and I was glad to see both of them able to enjoy the gift. Thanks Mike, and thank you all for praying.