Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More to Learn

This past Saturday Kathryn woke up with a suspicious back ache; the kind that feels like a pressed nerve. She had bowel bleeding late Saturday and by Sunday a hole had opened up near her ankle and dripped blood. The Stimate was on hand and she used her first dose Sunday night. It helped a little bit on Monday but tonight there is more bleeding along with a terrible headache and nausea. I'm glad she has an appointment scheduled with the GI doctor and the Hematologist this week. Her labs today showed a low red and white cell count which didn't surprise me. It seems things have suddenly turned and there is no obvious reason. She is hoping it is a temporary set-back. The trip to Arizona really helped her to see that good times are still possible even if they come a few days at a time. These set-backs cause us to rethink everything she has eaten, any possible triggers, and of course we wonder if normalcy is possible. We appreciate your prayers. This is such a demanding classroom, and HPS is a hard subject.