Monday, June 30, 2008

Music and Marching

Last night Paul and I took Qavah to the largest church in Roanoke. First Baptist Church downtown has a musical celebration every year called Celebrate America. The music was very good and we had the best time watching Qavah. One song was choreographed using hand-held American flags. She watched with intense interest. Today when we went to the store, Qavah enthusiastically pointed to the display of hand-held flags and told me she needed two of them. I knew what she had in mind! I got them for her and for the rest of the day she has been marching all over the house and yard waving her flags. It has been fun to see her getting into the spirit of the July fourth celebration with her flag waving.

I enjoyed taking several breaks today to watch Qavah. I even found some marching music and played it for her so she could march to a rhythm. As I was watching Qavah I was thinking of how merciful God is to continue to give me sprinkles of joy when I need it.