Sunday, June 08, 2008

Packing for the "What Ifs"

Kathryn said yesterday that she feels like she's packing for the "what ifs." Therefore, her carry-on bag is filled with extra Prednisone, electrolytes, rib wrapping, Stimate for bleeding, wound care products, pain relief, and a first-aid kit. I thought about that several times yesterday as I saw how light and easy my packing is compared to hers. In Proverbs 31 beginning in verse ten there is a whole list of attributes that describe a virtuous woman. In verses thirteen through twenty-four she is preparing food, clothing, and shelter for her family. In verse twenty-five it states, "she laughs at the days to come." She looks ahead and determines what they may need and then takes great satisfaction in having prepared ahead of time. No wonder she can laugh at the days ahead! I can picture her like the game show contestant who is offered three hundred dollars if she happens to have a paper clip in her purse. Her face lights up, she starts squealing and jumping up and down knowing she has one, fumbles through her purse and pulls out what she is looking for; a big fat paper clip! The crowd claps and cheers with wild applause for her good fortune. (I saw that happen on television once on "Let's Make a Deal" with Monty Hall.)

While I can't imagine Kathryn breaking out into laughter if she has a bleeding episode, I can imagine her grinning and exclaiming, "I've got what I need for this!" She has planned for the "what ifs." But what I am really praying is that at the end of the trip when we are home again unpacking we can laugh and say, "we took it all but didn't need it!"