Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Big Brother

Last night about ten o'clock I got a call from the operating room at RMH. A nurse named Rachael was on the line and my heart started racing. I had to stiffle the statement, "Is anything wrong?" She was calling to tell me that Paul Burton was still working in the OR and was scrubbed in to help with a surgery that would take several more hours. I asked, "Paul wanted you to call me so I wouldn't worry?" She said, "Yes, and we all think he is such a great guy." Wow, Paul Burton got a lot of points with Mom for that. Then after a day of catching-up on his sleep he took Kathryn shopping for awhile, played on the swings with the girls, and let them watch a movie in his apartment. He's racking up points with all of us.

Kathryn was feeling better this afternoon. Her labs were faxed to her endocrinologist today and after studying them he called to raise her dose of Prednisone. She is starting to have more energy this evening so she played her harp while I rocked Qavah. Her soothing music put Qavah to sleep in just a few minutes. There was much more flag waving and marching for Qavah today. It was an easier day and even the cool temperatures and low humidity helped clear the cob webs from my mind. I'm so grateful for the days of ease. I'm smiling as I remember Qavah marching up the sidewalk, waving her flags, and singing "My cruntry tizzy thee sweet landa liberty!"