Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Preparations

We learned with our first three children how easy it is to overly bless them on their birthdays. I'm trying to keep the birthday celebration for Qavah reasonable. She has been waking up every day asking if her birthday is here yet. In the meantime she is dreaming about her cake and gifts. I have been reading her a book about a little bear that gets too much attention for her birthday and becomes overwhelmed by all the things that happen on that day. The book is actually called, Too Much Birthday. But just as the Lord longs to bless us, we feel the same about blessing Qavah and can't seem to help ourselves.

I went to the pharmacy for Kathryn today and the pharmacist asked how things were going with the new liquid Prednisolone. When I told her how great Kathryn was feeling she seemed very excited for us and said, "Good, I hope this is a new trend!" We do too because we have a birthday to celebrate.