Monday, July 28, 2008

Checking the Calendar

We are busy living life. Kathryn had an appointment this morning then rested for the afternoon. Qavah went into the creek this afternoon with her friend Emily to pretend she was making dinner. She collected small pebbles, grass, and water in a bucket. Then she began to stir it with a stick that floated past her. She made what looked like a high fiber breakfast drink and was quite proud of herself. I have had several projects to work on but I am keeping one eye on the calendar. Remicade brings Kathryn so much relief that I can hardly wait for Thursday morning. I know how much better she will feel so I find myself wishing I could speed up the time for her.

These have been good days. I am enjoying the things I see and wonder why I haven't stood back in life and watched more. Observing Qavah at play has helped her, too. I am never far away when she says, "mommy look at me!" I'm happy to be able to say, "Yes, Qavah, I'm watching."