Thursday, July 17, 2008

Qavah the Dishwasher

I have been giving Qavah little jobs to do to keep her busy today. She cleaned out the lint trap on the dryer and played with the fuzz while I did laundry. Recently she has been volunteering to rinse all the dishes before they go into the dishwasher. She loves that job. Of course it means playing in the water, but she really likes to do it and it helps get the job done. She seems very proud of herself and reminded me five minutes ago that she is turning five tomorrow.

In this past year she has made some major strides toward maturity. I have said so many times, "Kids grow up so fast!" It is especially true as they approach school age. Try as we might to hang on to Qavah's preschool years, she is now counting, pretending to read, helping with chores, getting her shoes on the right feet, and asking to "learn how to tie shoes." If time flies by any faster she'll be asking permission to go on a date soon. Paul said the same thing about Qavah that he says about Kathryn. "When she's thirty I'll think about it!"