Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sundown on the Sabbath

As the sun rises on the Sabbath day our house is teaming with activity. Showers, dress clothes, cologne, and hair dryers humming, are all a part of the sights, sounds, and smells of a Sunday morning. Preparing for worship sets Sunday apart from the other days of the week. By nine-thirty, after a flurry of activity, the dog is curled up in her basket ready for a few hours to herself as we pull out of the drive to attend church. This isn't a ritual or tradition. It is an event that changes our perspective after a long work week. Time spent thinking about Someone greater than ourselves, and worshiping Him for His sovereignty over all things, puts the small things in this life into a proper place.

If you read the blog and don't attend church on Sundays you may wonder what is so special about church. In some churches the building, seating, and worship music are not always the best. Churches are also filled with sinful selfish people. But the idea of a "place of worship" was God's. He was the first and only One Who made a place on earth for His glory to dwell. He knew our souls needed a place to go to find rest, to grow in knowledge of Him, and learn how to forgive and get along with others. For our family, our church has been an anchor in a stormy sea. This morning we sang some beautiful songs about the God Who loves and cares for us each day. Our thoughts were turned toward Him and His power over sin and death.

At sundown, Kathryn is four days away from Remicade and beginning to suffer. Her pancreas is causing her some problems and after two days of trying baby food it is apparent that she will have to stop eating again. We are especially grateful tonight for the time invested this morning in church. It gave us a spiritual lift to see us through to Thursday.