Thursday, July 31, 2008

Waffles and Blueberries

We have a little diner near our home that makes breakfast all day long. They just have a few specials and fresh waffles is one of them. On the way home from Kathryn's Remicade treatment she said she was ready to eat something and thought a waffle sounded good. Half of it was eaten immediately and the other half is in the refrigerator for later. Qavah and Kathryn sat across from me in a little booth and enjoyed their waffles. I was watching them and feeling thankful that they are able to enjoy simple pleasures.

After the waffle stop we went shopping for birthday candles and fruit for the celebration of our parents' birthdays this weekend. We have been making plans with the family and it appears that most of us in the area will be able to join them for an afternoon to celebrate their "plenty-ninth" birthdays. We'll do that with good food, good music, and cameras to capture some happy moments. We are thankful for their good health and wish them many more years of happiness.