Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Reports

This afternoon we drove across town to the GI doctor and hematologist. Both doctors have seen a remarkable change in Kathryn's condition since last week. Her bacteria infection is under control, and her GI problems are being addressed. The GI doctor has given her one week to improve by using Maalox to coat her esophagus overnight. If that doesn't take care of the burning pain in her esophagus, she will have to have an endoscopy to determine what is causing her pain when swallowing.

I was thankful for the comments to yesterday's post. If you read the one written by Kim, let me just brag on her a bit. My neighbor and the mother of fourteen children lays down her life every day for several special needs children, and has lifted my spirits many times by the stories of hope she has to tell. Although she was told she couldn't have children, she and her husband have a quiver full of children. All of them came to the family through the foster care system and have been adopted. Each one was hand-picked for their family by a loving God. Whenever I see Kim she is smiling about some of the latest miracles she has observed in the life of her children. If you ask Kim how she does it all she will say, "By faith." Kim would be the first to say there is nothing God can not do. Her children are beautiful and when I observe her walk through this life, my life is blessed. One of these days when most of the children are at home I'll try to get a family picture to post.

If you have ever thought about adopting and just want some more children to bless, don't hesitate to check out There are over 115,000 children in the United States available for adoption. Then call me for Kim's phone number. She will tell you it is worth it!