Monday, August 18, 2008

Nice Things to Ponder

Today the girls are both doing very well. I love to see them dressed up and enjoying themselves. Kathryn decided to wear something a little dressy today so that she could go right from her hospital visit to her Missions Committee meeting without changing clothes. As she was trying to decide what to wear, Qavah walked up to Kathryn's open closet and pointed to a lovely lavender skirt. "Wear this, Kathryn!" she said. Qavah was really beaming when her big sister said, "Yes, that is a good choice, Qavah." I could see Qavah's confidence rising as Kathryn affirmed her suggestion. It was a fleeting moment, but I was glad to have witnessed it.

Kathryn's Hickman site is still sore and the glands at the base of her neck are still quite swollen. But she is feeling better and that is the best news. She will probably have to go the the hospital for her IV Rocephin several more times this week to get this infection under control. Julie will be taking her tomorrow. This week we are also enjoying hosting Paul's friend and business partner from Oklahoma. He brought his wife along on this trip so we plan to do some sight seeing with her this week. I am so very grateful for these good days. I find myself singing and humming a lot.