Thursday, August 07, 2008

Qavah's Needs

After almost a year in Roanoke, Qavah's body is still being maintained by monthly blood transfusions. However, since her pancreas is not functioning well she is not able to grow and put on weight. For her digestive problems I have been giving her amylase and lipase as directed with every meal for the last month. Yet her levels are still low and her GI specialist told me today that we need to approach this problem with a new plan. The problem with Qavah's situation is the same as Kathryn's. Until there is an absolute diagnosis through test results, treatment is not even discussed. But every test has been inconclusive. Her physicians here agree she needs help but scratch their heads and tell me I need to find someone who knows more about these problems. Qavah's need for a treatment plan is greater now than it was a year ago. I have been researching the available treatments and research protocols when I find them, but so far nothing has transpired. We're willing to do whatever we can to help Qavah thrive. But we need your prayers most of all.

The last time we were in this position we asked our friends and family to pray. We had been looking to the National Institutes of Health for help, and specialists, and help was just not there. I remember so well the nights I prayed as David did, "Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord." Then through a series of well-timed mishaps at one hospital, and help from one of our blog readers, we found Kathryn's new medical team, and the friendships and support we needed. Now we need the same for Qavah. Although we would go anywhere in the world for her, there may be the help we need right in our own back yard. We are waiting on God to show us the path to walk with our little Qavah and pray that we will find it soon. Her name means "hope and patience." It is very appropriate.